Posted 12/03/2017

Heavy Attack Squadron Two Reunion 2018

Hosted by: Frank Curcio (703.303.0678), Dick Daleke, & Ray Cook (360.286.6344)

Location: Reno, NV

Date: Tailhook Reunion - Thursday - 6 Sept -- Sunday - 9 Sept

​Posted 1/1/2018

Dear shipmates, I am sad to report that our very own Chaplin, Commander Bill Calhoun took his last cat shot on 14 December 2017.  At the time I talked to Judith she was doing fine with the passing of Bill.  You can contact the family through Linda Lee, (210) 452-4720.

Posted 2/6/2018

Dear Family and Friends,

Once again I turn to you to ask for prayers for my beloved Budd...he is hospitalized at this time for serious break-downs...we are praying for the best treatment, having found outstanding medical care here in our new home area in Sherwood, OR.  We hope to know more within this week as to whether or not we will be able to bring him home.  Eric and Ann and our grandsons are bricks and have been there for us all the way.  The decision to move here with them couldn't have come at a better time, for me as well as for Budd.  Thanks to all of you once again for your loving support too!

Mega hugs, Linda

Posting updated 1/1/2018

Website Information:

1. Cost of building the website: $1500.00.  It is up and running and being updated as you pass me information and updates.

2. Annual cost for website and security: $280.00.  This cost could be included in the Reunion costs.

3. It is my thought that the website will remain in effect until we end the reunions.  I will be more than willing to keep it going for that time.

4. I am open to your comments -

5. By the way, I have been hit with a ton of spam, so if you are not in my address book, I will have to approve you to send me info.  My software will let me know you are trying to get through, and after that it will be my action to get you cleared.